Fledgeling Program

 About Let’s Go Birding Fledgeling Program


Let’s Go Birding South Africa is a leading professional birding tour company for local and international birding enthusiasts offering  Let’s Go Birding Tours and Trips. Jacques, a dad of 5 himself, knows the importance of preserving our environment for generations to come. Children are spending more time behind their devices instead of enjoying the outdoors as much as we did as kids. 

Let’s Go Birding, and Jacques has decided to provide kids with knowledge and understanding about the importance of birding, by offering free outings to kids between the ages of 7 – 10 years and 10 – 14 years to get them started on their journey to reaching their first 100 bird species.

What are the Benefits of Birding for Children?


  • Respecting and Loving Nature and all its Flora and Fauna
  • Stimulating and enhancing their senses ( Hearing and Sight)
  • Mindfulness, enjoying nature and being in the moment 

There are no charge for these outings but dotations are gladly excepted. 

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